The Friend and Client versions are free and the Premium version requires a small subscription of $19.95/yr

Data charges may also be incurred with your carrier.

At this time PinPointAppointment will work only in the US. We plan on rolling out additional versions in other countries and will update further as we progress.

If you are logged out of the App and have forgotten your password: Tap on the FORGOT PASSWORD on the login screen. Enter your email address then tap the Send button. An email will be sent with a verification code, enter that and finally enter your new password.

You can add 2 friends! Take the opportunity to add them for when you are in the workplace,

school, your favorite running trail or anywhere else.

You can easily delete Friends whenever you want to. Simply click on the delete bucket next to the Friend you want to remove.

Simply tap their profile icon in " Friends" and push on the 'Resend' button to remind them. A new text message will be sent.

Yes, your Friends are notified by text message and will have access to your live location when they press on the Panic Alert in the notification bell.

If your GPS reading is off, check your device settings to ensure that location

services are on and enabled for PinPoint Appointment to work properly. If it is still not working,

please contact your service provider.

PinPointAppointment stores user information and data so we can provide evidence to you in case

you need it. For premium users the following data is available for you to access and share for Panic Alerts: 1.

Approximate location data. 2. Event Time Stamp.

At PinPointAppointment we love hearing from our users to make improvements and suggestions.

To offer ideas just tap the Feedback option in menu section or send us a note at info@pinpointappointment.com

You will need to have iOS version 9.0 or above for Apple and Android requires version 4.2 or above to install the app at this time.