The story

Hello and thank you for your interest in the Pin Point Appointment Mobile App

How it all began was as an agent, I was reading the Real Estate forums one day and everybody was talking about how a Realtor got killed, another raped, and one had even disappeared. The dialog was obvious, and the fear was real.

I then started thinking to myself there has to be a solution to this with all the technology available today. To my amazement there was really nothing on the market designed like this for Realtors to add another layer of protection, just so they can do their jobs. There were a few that came close or had just one similar feature or another, but nothing encompassed all the features I had in mind. My biggest challenge was to keep it so inexpensive that they couldn’t say no to it. I knew the agents could afford this on their own, or a broker might just decide to purchase it for their whole office, and ultimately ‘reduce the risk’ for a lot of agents out there from the predators of the world.

So I sat down and went to work with a simple note pad and put my vision to paper to create a new app. I called it Pin Point Appointment and after months of countless design and functions revisions, coding challenges, engineers and more refinements,  I am happy to present it you today.

I hope you will agree this is a ‘Must Have’ in a Realtor’s arsenal to deal with today’s uncertain society.

Stay safe and be well,